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Press articles

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Verhalten ins Gesicht geschrieben

ORF Science. 27.3.2023 

Geschlecht spielt keine Rolle

ORF Science. 3.2.2023 

Diskriminierung wird verschwinden

Tiroler Tageszeitung. Nr. 148, 30.5.2022 

Da Alpbach nuovo impulso per l’Euregio

TrentoToday. 23.8.2021 

Eine Plattform für neue Ideen

Dolomiten. 23.8.2021

Blog posts
Podcats contribution

Interview with Dr. Carmen Preissinger about Work in Balance.

In the "Coachingzone" podcast (#23) of Dr. Jutta Wergen, I talk about what I would have liked to know when I was doing my PhD, or before starting - and not after I went through the whole process :-).
My contribution starts around minute 6:12. 

Was ich gerne früher gewusst hätte #23by Dr. Jutta Wergen

The bright side of power

Nature Research Behavioural & Social Sciences Community. 19.10.2018

Balance for the better

Nature Research Behavioural & Social Sciences Community. 08.03.2019

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